Whether the Storm is Literal or Figurative, We Can Help

Damage to your Business

You purchase insurance so that your business can survive, even if its property is severely damaged or destroyed. When the time comes, it is important to hold the insurance company accountable.  The insurance policy and Texas law allows you certain rights and remedies, which you should pursue.

Damage to your Home

Your home may be your largest investment.  We help you protect the value of that  investment if it suffers damage from unexpected events such as fire, hail, or wind. We work with you to pursue full payment from the insurance company so you can afford to repair your home. 

Have you Been Sued?

Liability insurance is important, particularly if you own a business or have significant assets to preserve.  We fight for you so the insurance company will provide both a defense and indemnity if you or your business is sued.  Even a winning legal defense can be a loser financially if you do not agressively pursue the carrrier to fund your defense.